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Western States Insurance Group

Our agents provide general and specialized coverage for their customers.

Who do we serve?

Well that’s quite a list: Non-Profits, Hotel/Motels, Trucking, Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction and all types of Professionals benefit from our services. Of course, Western States Insurance Group also specializes in providing quality, affordable auto, home owners, health insurance, and so much more for our number one customer: YOU.

Is your home and truck, car or SUV, since they are most likely some of your most valuable assets, protected? Your home is where your family lives and creates memories. When you are driving, you never know what’s around the corner. As for life, how does one put a price tag on a life? We can help protect all aspects of your life. We sell insurance to protect and help when things go wrong. As an Independent Agent we have a large base of companies and brokers to help us insure all types of risk, both personal and commercial.

We would love to help you with getting protection for you, your family and your assets!

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